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TO THE IGNORANT RANTER about ASU first week of school and Christian religion: How wrong you are! The first week of school has extra activities to welcome students, but the activities are not a permanent fixture of events on campus. So don't falsely say things like getting bingo. Same about your comment that ASU is against Christian religion. It's not against any religion and, in fact, there's a campus Baptist Student Union. You just can't mix religion into every single thing you want to in order to disrespect anyone else's religion.

PARAPROFESSIONALS for Richmond County are being abused by the system. In the elementary schools, they are coming to work 15 minutes early to pull breakfast duty -- supervising, sweeping, washing tables and mopping. Then they pull lunch duty for an hour every day -- supervising, sweeping, mopping, washing tables. Then in the afternoon, car duty. Cannot leave until every child is picked up -- usually 30 to 45 minutes after school gets out. They average about 1 hour of work extra a day without pay. They are working off the clock and are doing custodial duties. Custodians get paid more. Why? If their pay is from 7:15 to 2:30 they should not be working from 7:00 to 3:15. Isn't that illegal?

THE PERSON WHO RANTED on Friday about ASU exposing Christians to golf and bingo and all, neglected to mention the lions that are being imported to the Christenberry Fieldhouse and employed to eat Christians for the entertainment of heathen ASU students, faculty and staff.

Breaking news today was that Roger Clemens indicted for lying to Congress. I find that mighty strange because Congress condemns someone for lying and they make a living off lying to the American people. I don't understand it, you know. I don't care about the steroids. If they can do so much, why not put them out there for the American people?

DETERRENT. RIGHTS. I know Judge Overstreet and know he's upset and feel for him. But it wasn't his fault. And more people should do this and we wouldn't have the burglaries, rapes and murders that we have today. Deterrent.

THIS IS A RAVE for the Richmond County Sheriff's Department in the demotion of Ken Rogers.

ANOTHER RAVE to Christ Community Health Services. I carried a patient to Dr. Scarboro on Monday. His office has checked with her every day since the visit. When is the last time that your doctor has called to check on you? Thanks to people like Dr. Scarboro and his partner.

THERE'S A SAYING, "The Lord helps those that help themselves." Don't you think USA and some of the other countries in this world should start helping themselves and let the others go and take care of themselves? Let them help themselves. It's about time, don't you think?

THIS IS A RAVE for Richmond County that cut the grass around Augusta Mall at Wrightsboro Road and Bobby Jones Expressway. Now if we could just get our state government to finish the job, that would be jam up.

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