Sonic employee hopes to skate to the top

Jerome Moseley showed off his moves Friday at Sonic in Evans. He is one of six finalists going to Las Vegas to compete in Sonic's "So You Think You Can Skate."

Jerome Moseley wasn't born on skates, but that isn't obvious to anyone watching him break-dance on wheels at the Evans Sonic Drive-In.


"He's crazy on those skates," said Justin Reeves, the manager of the drive-in on Washington Road near Walmart. "He's extremely good."

The 21-year-old assistant manager is so good that he is one of six Sonic skating carhops chosen to compete in the companywide "So You Think You Can Skate" finals in Las Vegas on Oct. 2-8. A carhop was chosen from each of the company's six zones -- Moseley's zone is the entire East Coast -- based on a 2-minute audition tape.

He specializes in jam skating -- break-dancing on skates. He spent two days editing 40 minutes of footage of his best moves into the video.

Moseley, of Augusta, said he couldn't enter last year's competition because he started skating only a year ago after a television show piqued his interest.

"I started skating at work," he said. "I actually bought my first pair of skates and got out there and tried to do a couple of moves. I learned everything on my own."

Moseley often uses slow times at work to practice in the lot behind the drive-in. His skating draws a lot of attention, stares and even tips from appreciative customers, Moseley said.

"Usually, the kids are like in amazement," Reeves said, adding that some customers ask for "the guy on skates."

Every carhop at the Evans drive-in is required to wear skates, unlike most Sonic locations, where only one carhop per shift is required to be on wheels.

In Las Vegas, Moseley will compete in a team competition dealing with the rules and regulations of Sonic carhops and skating safety. The second competition day will be for free-styling and the obstacle course, said Moseley, an Augusta State University criminology major who is hoping to work for the FBI.

A panel of judges will decide whether he wins one of the three medals.

Moseley gets the most practice at work.

"This is my skating ground," he said of the drive-in lot. "This is where I learned to skate."

Skating is a passion that Moseley said he'll likely not outgrow anytime soon.

"I'll probably be skating until I get like wrinkly," he said. "It is like part of my life."