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I think the payment of surgeries for overweight people is terrible! I am overweight myself and as hard as I try, I can't seem to keep the extra weight off but I sure don't feel like someone should pay for surgery as there is always a risk with such surgeries which do not always work. Or are these surgeries supposed to be a way to study the harmful effects by people foolish enough to risk their lives getting cut into?


The city accepted federal monies for new streetlights adding to our national debt. The cities and states should refuse federal dollars. if they want new street lights the city should pay for them. My federal tax dollars should not be used for dumb street lights.

ASU is the tax supported college that denies rights to Christian students. But what does ASU favor? The first week of school includes: rides, games, food, bingo, fireworks, golf, "to gear up students." ASU uses absurdity to "welcome" students, but does not welcome Christians. Christians, beware! Don't get near ASU. They might give you some golf or bingo.

Thank you Lewiston Elemetary for locking the doors and making the parents stand in the rain, thunder and lightning before parent orientation. We really got a good idea of how much value you place on our lives and the lives of our children!

If local school officials had brains they'd know that accepting even one federal grant means they are ceding legitimate local authority to the federal government. This is both unconstitutional and supremely dumb.

Sylvia Cooper is a great communicator and gives me a good laugh every time I read her comments.

If you have a potbelly and don't use deodorant, then please don't wear a tank top out to a restaurant. You are just telling everyone that you are a slob. If you can't dress properly then eat at home or go to the drive thru.

Another rave for Dr. Frank Moreland and all those in his practice and office. They treated our fragile rescued cat with sensitivity and excellent care, upholding humane ethics to the highest degree. Our simple, but very lovable, gray tabby cat was given the best of veterinary service, even to the very end.

The government (all levels) made a big secrecy deal out of what was being dug up at Ft. Lawton/Magnolia Springs State Park at Millen. Now the GA Southern website reveals the big secrets. That's it?! A pipe? A cut bullet?! Why such secrecy? What idiots govt produces!

I like most Americans agree with the president concerning religious freedom. But, common sense should question promoting a mosque to be built near Ground Zero. Not only is this a slap in the face and insult to all impacted by the terrorist attack of 911, but also is another example of Muslims attempting to subjugate all non-believers (infidels).

People that want to move to North Augusta, come on over. The mosquitoes are very hungry. Almost no money is being spent on mosquito spray. Come on over.

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