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HOW DID SHAQUAN DULEY come to the conclusion that by getting rid of two of her children it would solve all of her problems? Murdering her two little boys is a shocking outcome of her morbid thinking. One thing is certain is that the boys are now in a better place.

WHY IS BRADLEY MANNING, the Army private, being hailed as a hero because he leaked classified information regarding Afghan reports? He has now put some of our troops and Afghan personnel in immediate danger because names have been published in the leaked material. Think of what he has done before calling him a hero.

THIS IS A RAVE for one of our Richmond County employees. Ms. Joan Shakleford in the Jury Clerk's Office is a most pleasant person to deal with. My daughter got a jury summons but she is off at school so Ms. Joan took her address and said that everything was handled. She also took the time to visit with my other daughter and me all the way to the elevator. Hats off to Ms. Shakelford!

PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN to separate religion from terrorism. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the U.S. Constitution doesn't allow discrimination based on religion.

IT'S ANOTHER SAD element to the crazy world today that a man is saluted as a hero who would curse away in a plane full of people, deploy an emergency chute that could have caused harm or death, steal a beer or more and then quit the job by riding the chute down. Anyone who quits in that irresponsible and dangerous way, along with stealing an item or more in the process, is someone I would never approve for employ anywhere except to scoop poop up or to handle trash.

HEADLINE: "MCG could get a name change." Hmmm. That's what progressive orgs do when they're in trouble, so they can resurface with no difference but their name. Something about this MCG stuff seems super political and has nothing to do with medicine, teaching or healing anybody.

ABOUT THE RECENT Cherry Tree death: Where's the outrage? Have we forgotten when the police shot a known felon who tried to run them over? Residents were very upset, and even set up a shrine. Oh, wait ... it's only a big deal when the police shoot/murder someone. Civilian killing civilian is just an unfortunate tragedy.

SMOKERS HAVE THE RIGHT to their health-degrading and horribly smelling habit. I understand that. What I don't understand is why smokers insist on standing just outside the door of fast food restaurants. Particularly the employees of the restaurants. When I'm on my lunch break that's the last thing I want to smell when I'm hungry.

THIS IS TO the people who are in charge of roads and bridges in Grovetown. If you're wondering why there are so many potholes on Chamblin Road, it's those huge double front cement trucks that use the road as a short cut. There is a sign on one end of that road that says no through trucks, but it's missing on the other side near the interstate bridge. I see it happening everyday.

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