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WHEN A WISE HOMEOWNER has their air conditioner fail they don't call their dentist. When a wise voter wants someone to create jobs and fix the country's economy they don't vote for an arrogant, unqualified community organizer.

GEORGE W. BUSH is going to go down in history as one of the Worst presidents we ever had. To the Obama haters: Get a life.

WHY SHOULD MOTORISTS obey the speed limit on Highway 56 when Wednesday morning, Aug. 4, the Richmond County Sheriff's Department patrol car 134 was speeding above the speed limit of 55 along with about eight other cars. And then they also swap lanes and don't put on signals and almost caused an accident. Seems to me they should be obeying the speed limit also.

PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the Mini Page. It has been missed by many during the summer. Not only children read these articles, but adults do, too, and we really enjoy it.

THIS IS A RANT and a complaint concerning the Georgia Department of Public Safety and the tag light law. That is one law that I cannot understand. If the law enforcement cannot see your tag if you don't have a tag light, then you get charged. If he can't see that tag then he don't need to be on the job. I don't know who wrote this stupid law, but this law needs to be abolished.

A BIG RAVE FOR THE beautiful cats and dogs for adoption at Augusta-Richmond County Animal Services. Cats are named Alma, Oscar, Sam, Fluffy. They're all waiting to go home. Pure bred Labs, chihuahuas, bulldogs, Jack Russells, with names like Jud, Princess and Trouble, are also waiting to go home. Their masters had to leave them there because many were military and had to deploy suddenly for a while. Please save these pets' lives. Go out to Mack Lane off Tobacco Road. They want to go home but their masters had to go to war. They are starving for your love.

I WOULD LIKE TO THANK the city of Augusta for hiring ex-cons. I wish more people would give them a second chance. There are always bad apples in the bunch, but most young men would like very much and would appreciate it if more people would give them more support. I think less would have to go back to jail. Thank you, Augusta. Thank everyone that helps these men and gentlemen.

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