Man likely lost eye after attack



It was two hours before quitting time at Glass Service Center when Bernie Adams noticed the staggering man on the opposite side of Reynolds Street.

Adams thought the man had a bad sunburn at first, but as he crossed the street and approached the shop, Adams realized it was blood covering the man's face.

The man didn't say a word as Adams and a co-worker helped him take a seat outside the shop. They supplied him with some paper towels to press against the gash over his eye while someone called 911.

"It was really terrible," Adams said Wednesday afternoon, about an hour after the 3 p.m. attack.

Authorities identified the victim as 60-year-old David Lewis and said he had been stabbed multiple times by a fellow homeless man inside the abandoned Georgia Golf Hall of Fame's Botanical Gardens.

Sheriff's Sgt. Robbie Silas said Lewis had met his attacker under a bridge and the two planned to buy drugs together. The attacker stabbed Lewis along his arms, back and face when Lewis turned down his proposition to have sex, Silas said.

Lewis escaped from the gardens and left a long trail of blood spatters on the sidewalk that runs parallel to the gardens' curvy brick wall. He did not know his attacker's identity.

Silas said Lewis' wounds were not life-threatening, but that Lewis likely lost an eye in the attack.