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Conservatives rally for strict immigration law

COLUMBIA --- The newly formed South Carolina Black Conservative Movement rallied people at the Statehouse on Saturday to support tougher immigration laws.

State. Rep. Tim Scott, who is running for South Carolina's 1st Congressional District seat, was the featured speaker. He would be the first black Republican congressman since Oklahoma's J.C. Watts retired in 2003.

"One thing the federal government should be doing is stopping illegal immigration," Scott said to the crowd of roughly 150 people, almost all white.

Scott said that if the U.S. wants to stop illegal immigration, it should adopt policies like Mexico's that require all immigrants to register and carry identifying papers.

Event organizer and group founder Roweena Booker said she thinks many blacks are afraid breaking their historical attachment to the Democratic Party.

"We are trying to get the message out there that we do have the same values as conservatives," she said.

Navy proposal doubles bombing range's size

DARIEN, GA. --- A Navy proposal could more than double the size of the Townsend Bombing Range in McIntosh County.

Marine Corps officials say the 5,183-acre range is too small for the necessary training to prepare pilots for combat.

Proponents say the range supports less than half of air crew training requirements and is too small to support precision-guided munitions training, a key component of Marines' war fighting. If the bombing range is expanded, air crews will complete 93 percent of their training requirements there and save the cost of sending aircraft and their crews to the West Coast for training.

Two public hearings will be held this month to discuss the proposal. If the range is expanded, property owners will be paid fair market value for their land.

Baby bitten by pit bull is in critical condition

ELLENWOOD, GA. --- An infant bitten by a pit bull remained in extreme critical condition Saturday after undergoing emergency surgery, authorities say.

The dog's owner, Bryant Sidney, was cited for prohibitive treatment of the dog and not having a rabies tag. Police say Sidney is the baby's great-uncle.

Authorities say the dog unexpectedly entered the Ellenwood home Friday and placed the infant's lower left side in his mouth. The dog took a large bite out of the girl's bottom and dragged her to the backyard before the child's mother managed to snatch the baby away.

Authorities say the girl is about 9 months. Police are still investigating.