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With the (hatemongers) now spouting supposed Christian origins, can law enforcement now have a reason to take down all those white vertical signs about "Augusta for Jesus"? Please! Either that, or else we need lots of new signs put up, or even painted over the old signs of "Jesus for all" or "Jesus loves all" or even "God loves gays!"


With all due respect, if someone feels the need to erect a memorial, it should be at the cemetery, where you purchase the land. These monstrosities being piled up on road rights of way make the roads difficult to maintain - like grass cutting. What if someone died on Main Street? Also, the state says memorials must be on the left side of the road. On a two-lane road, which side is the left side? Wouldn't that depend on the direction you are going?

Too bad there are so many ignorant people who jump so readily on a so-called Christian bandwagon to condemn a great school on the basis of a prejudiced child. A child who cannot keep from preaching to her fellow students in and outside of her classes and now has decided to get the biased daily paper on her "side" to publish constant inflammatory articles pushing Christianity upon people.

This RANT is a response to the situation at ASU. The young lady is entitled to her freedom of speech and so are others. Going to college/university prepares one for open-mindedness, the willingness to listen and rationally form one's opinions and articulate them to others. People can only agree on some points to disagree. However, the situation brings to mind Karl Marx who said religion is the opiate of the people. This might be the only philosophical point Marx got correct. Religion and greed are the roots of all evils. Consider all the wars and crusades as well as jihads which have been fought in the name of God.

Boo, hiss, boo on Jennifer Keeton for wanting to push Christianity on a school and other people. Go to a Christian school, Keeton. I hope a judge makes her pay soon for all legal fees for ASU and those named professors, plus punitive damage payments for emotional and mental distress she willfully and foolishly caused those professors. Keeton should also be charged with a month of color half-page ads in all local newspapers apologizing to ASU for all the trouble she caused.

A courageous Georgia governor would have refused to have shown up to welcome Obama to Atlanta. Perdue showed up.


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