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This is a rant for Augusta State University for wanting to kick Jennifer Keeton out of school because she stands up for what she believes in. If anybody should be kicked out, it's the people who put this on her.

I am so proud of Jennifer Keeton. Brave young lady. In this culture of Christian bashing and immorality she gives me hope.

Hurrah and raves for Jennifer Keeton for standing up for her religious rights and beliefs.

Would someone please explain to me how we could have won World War II in only four to five years but can't beat the Taliban and al - Qaida in nine years? It's time for us to give up and bring our people home. Enough lives have already been lost on two pieces of nothing.

I'm an employee at SRS. We do not need people building the Savannah River Site's new addition or Plant Vogtle if they cannot read English. You should not be allowed to work at these two nuclear sites if you cannot read or speak English.

Who is responsible for maintaining the median along the Bobby Jones Expressway? As many times as we have driven to and from Atlanta, I have never, never seen trash in the median like what we have along Bobby Jones. Tires, parts of cars, cardboard boxes, all kinds of things thrown out of a car.

Eugene Robinson sees no problem with the New Black Panther Party members standing in front of polling places with batons because they're a fringe group. So is the KKK. What would his reaction be if the folks standing in front of a polling place wore white sheets?

A rant to the MCG employees turning left onto San Sebastian from Telfair Street during rush hour. You are required by law to yield to oncoming vehicles. And yes, a bicycle is a vehicle, according to Georgia law. How will you feel when you run over a cyclist while breaking the law and chatting on your cell phone at the same time?

I was contacted by a telemarketer who identified himself as a representative of a pro-life campaign wanting money to oppose partial birth abortions. I asked what portion of the money went to operating expenses and how much went to the campaign? He said he did not have that information but referred me to a Web site and said I could give online. When I tried to go to the Web site this is what came up: POSSIBLE FRAUD ALERT "Deceptive" groups raise $3,000,000. It mentioned" Elect Life" and " Prolife Campaign"and said no leading pro-life organizations in Washington have heard of them or seen evidence of their work.


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