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KATHLEEN PARKER is nothing but a big mouth. She's anti-American. Why do you publish her stuff? This is ridiculous.

I'M GOING TO ASK The Augusta Chronicle to stop printing opinions from Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post Writers Group. He's the biggest racist and misrepresenter of the truth that I've read. Get rid of his lousy column and put somebody who's reliable in there.

IT IS A CRYING shame that Principal Wayne Frazier can get off from a DUI to a lesser charge, when a normal everyday Joe would be charged with a DUI and lose his license. What's Richmond County coming to?

I'M READING the front page headline in The Augusta Chronicle on Friday. It says many support education tax. That's because of the way the questions are asked. If the people start saying we don't support any tax except for the fair tax, then this would be a moot subject. I recommend and encourage all Georgians and South Carolinians, the next time you're asked if you support a tax increase or not, respond with these words: I support no tax increase, but I do support the fair tax. Maybe they'll finally get the message.

WITH OBAMA being the first black president, it takes me back to '47 when Jackie Robinson was the first black ballplayer to come into the major leagues. They called him all kinds of names. White racists tried to make him fail. But he took a lot. He turned out to be one of the best ballplayers of all time. President Obama will survive. And he will turn out to be one of the best presidents of all time.

THIS IS A RANT to the citizens of Richmond County. When are you going to realize that Mayor Deke Copenhaver hasn't done a thing for the people. He's a yes sir man, like a puppet on a string, and the big boys are pulling them.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Criticizing our decent, respectable mayor will not benefit you. We love our Mayor Copenhaver, and he will be elected again. The majority speaks.

HOW SAD TO SEE the once brave NAACP now becoming politically desperate and using the race card. The NAACP has fallen mighty low.

MICHAEL SMITH -- whoever that is -- says we should oppose the Arizona immigrant law because the U.S. has "always opened our doors as much as we can to individuals who seek a better life." Never in history -- until both Bushes, Clinton and now Obama -- has the U.S. "opened our doors" to lawbreakers, and anybody who enters the U.S. illegally is a lawbreaker as soon as he steps on American soil without playing by the rules.

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