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GEORGIA HAS MORE illegal immigrants than Arizona. Now that is an eye-opener. When Americans obtain employment or enroll in school, they are required to show documents such as a Social Security card and a birth certificate. Most illegal immigrants don't have these documents. So how are they getting into schools? How are they obtaining employment? If illegal immigrants were not hired to work in this country and denied school attendance for their children, they would not stay here.

WHY MUST THE paper print false headlines about the Arizona immigration law? "Profiling, constitutionality raise concerns." There is no profiling in that law, and the law is completely constitutional. Thank goodness at least 68 percent of Georgians can see through the Obama lies about illegal immigration.

THE HARRISBURG activists have never advocated emulating any ordinance from Athens, Ga., as a model for a nuisance ordinance in Augusta. Instead, Lori Davis has pointing to an ordinance in Toccoa, Ga., that is tough and effective. Scores of communities across the country have these ordinances, many for well over 20 years. If they were unconstitutional I certainly doubt they would have been around for this long.

I, TOO, AM SICK of political phone calls. The solution is to let them start talking, park the phone where you are working and go about your business. When you hear buzzing sound or the operator coming on, pick it up and hang it up. Some of these computer-generated calls will continue to call you if you hang up before they are finished.

THE BEST WAY to avoid the horrible inconvenience of being called by a political candidate is to move to a country where you're not allowed to vote.

I'VE BEEN READING Eugene Robinson's editorials as part of my summer reading program. I just don't know whether to record them under fiction or fallacy.

AS A TEACHER, I am deeply troubled that neither Karen Handel nor John Oxendine, the two Republican frontrunners for governor, values education in Georgia enough to respond to questionnaires submitted by the Professional Association of Educators.

THIS IS A RANT for the Imperial Theatre's sound system. I was at a show recently sitting in the mezzanine, and the sound is terrible. It's OK in the orchestra section, but anything upstairs is awful. It is not loud enough and is muffled.

WHY ARE MALE athletes pictured with a frown or stern look and the female athletes are always smiling?

AN EDITORIAL tells us that the federal government will spend at least $1 million on Laney High School. To blow so much on just one school is beyond absurd.

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