Deer walks into Grovetown Walmart

A man carries the fawn to a wooded area outside the Walmart in Grovetown. The deer was not injured.

An unexpected guest visited the Grovetown Walmart on Thursday afternoon.


A fawn walked into the store on Steiner Way near Interstate 20 about 5 p.m., when the store was crowded, said shift manager Beth Fatolitis.

"A little baby deer ventured into our store," Fatolitis said. "It walked in like a customer."

The deer ran around the store, probably looking for a way back out, for about five minutes before being cornered by two men who gently carried it out of the store, Fatolitis said.

"It was just scared to death," Fatolitis said. "It was crying for its momma. ... Just crying the whole time."

The men carried the fawn to a wooded area next to the store, where they released it. The deer was not injured and ran off into the woods, Fatolitis said.

The fawn didn't damage anything, and no one was injured.

The deer's escapade provided some excitement to an otherwise humdrum Thursday afternoon.

"Customers were snapping pictures left and right," Fatolitis said. "Never a dull moment at Walmart."