Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers:


WAKE UP CALL to all that think President Obama is cutting taxes. This is his way of redistributing the wealth. Those of us who actually pay taxes will offset his government funding for first-time home-buyers, Cash For Clunkers, and other tax giveaways. Heck, even the folks who benefit from those programs will in the end help pay for them. The government doesn't make any wages; it gets its money from us, so it can spend it to get votes.

OVER $1 MILLION for three failing schools. Wow! What do the passing schools get? Nothing! Eight days taken from your salary, more expectations, red tape, no raises, unruly children. Thank you, Georgia and Richmond County, for letting teachers know just how important and professional we are.

I HAVE A SUGGESTION which will save big bucks for many businesses (restaurants, department stores, etc.) Your air conditioner is set too low. It feels like a refrigerator inside. Increase your thermostat a degree or two so it will be comfortable and see your power bill drop a few dollars. You can thank me later.

THE NEW JERSEY Supreme Court ruled that a Spanish-speaking guy could not be convicted of drunken driving because the cops didn't explain the "consequences" of taking an alcohol breath test. With that kind of logic, if the New Jersey cops arrest a terrorist who only speaks Arabic and none of the cops can speak Arabic to explain the consequences of being a terrorist in the U.S., the guy must go free.

THE MEDICAL COLLEGE of Georgia has proven to be an excellent place to get medical help. Now the new boss man is worried about morale. He wants to give people raises. The economy is in the hole, and he wants to raise pay for people who accepted their present jobs. If they are low on morale, let them go find a different job.

ROMAN POLANSKI is "no longer confined to house arrest in his Alpine villa," a news report says. Is being forced to live in luxury in an Alpine villa punishment?

A LETTER WRITER says it's constitutional for Obama to "send bills to Congress." The original intent of the founders was for the Congress to create bills, vote on them and, if they passed, send them to the president for approval or veto. Nowadays, the presidents have reversed that plan. It's not the president's job to create laws. It's his job to follow the instructions of Congress, thus of the people, provided Congress truly represents the people. Nowadays, presidents pay no attention to Congress, and Congress pays no attention to the people.