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I'd like to weigh in on this kickboxing type of fighting. It looks like enough people were getting brain damage and being killed in the ring with the fighters hitting each other with their fists. Now they using limbs that are much stronger than the arms to kick each other in the head. There's a thin line between being tough and macho and being a fool. Any sport that doesn't take into account the limitations of the human body should be illegal. There's a limit to how hard a lick a man's head can take without him suffering brain damage or death.

To the person complaining about Abilene Baptist's patriotic presentation: I am a Korean War veteran, and I think it was the best I ever saw. You were not there to be amused. If the only reason you were there was to be amused, you should have stayed home. Some folks are never satisfied. Great job, Abilene.

I know any job is better than none at all, but Augusta is going to have to do better than attracting only $8.50 per hour call center jobs. It seems like that is all we get around here. We need high-paying manufacturing and professional jobs. And it says a lot about Augusta's economy when the only jobs we can attract are ones that typically go to Third World countries.

This is a rant to all the parents who allow their children to go to another child's home to play but never reciprocate the invitation. It's not fair to any of the children involved - especially the one who invited your child to play. That child wants to be invited to your house just as your child likes to be invited over. If you're not going to reciprocate the invitation, keep your child at home so that the other child involved doesn't get his/her feelings hurt.

A rant for the city commissioners. Because of their gross mismanagement of tax dollars, underpaid city workers will be furloughed for four days. Can someone tell me what the commissioners are giving up? I'll bet it's not gas or Masters tickets.

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