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A RANTER attempted to use Sen. Robert Byrd's career as an argument for term limits with a weak complaint that we made the senator rich. While Sen. Byrd may have appeared to be an ignorant, bigoted hill boy at the beginning of his political career, he was no self-serving, prevaricating money grubber. He educated himself, grew and developed into a fine politician who put his constituents first while working with righteous colleagues who had also grown with the job to do what was best for his country.

COUNTY EMPLOYEES are paying with furlough days for the $850,000 lawsuit X-Mart had against the county. How many more lawsuits are the employees going to be paying for next year? If it gets bad, we will be paying with two days a month.

THE KROC CENTER is going up. Now let's get Broad Street, Crawford Avenue and Eve Street paved. Put up nice lights (like the ones on Laney-Walker) on these streets to show off the Kroc Center. No one will want to go to the Kroc Center with that area looking nasty and rundown.

I HOPE the voters in Corey Johnson's district stand up for him and put him in for another term. If Marion Williams gets elected he will be worse than he was the last time. Corey Johnson has done a very good job, and he is not all mouth.

FEDERAL STIMULUS (taxpayer) funds to expand high- speed Internet access? This surely will create high-paid permanent jobs and the recession will end! This use of so-called stimulus money clearly shows why many of us are angry with this administration full of activists who have never managed or supervised anything on the main street they talk about.

THANK YOU, Chronicle, for the happy Fourth of July. Is there any chance of someone at the paper learning the correct way to display the flag? The blue field, with the stars, should always be in the upper left, not the upper right.

A RANT to the rude person who considers those of us not supporting Obama idiots. Those of us who don't like him see what he is doing to this country, and that is the reason for our opposition.

TO THE DRIVER of the red car who ran the red light at Gordon Highway and Wheeless Road around 1:30 p.m. Sunday: It was a miracle you did not cause a very serious wreck. When is this town going to install cameras to try to stop this continuous running of red lights and speeding? Don't try to tell me there is no money. From what I see every day, these cameras would pay for themselves in a week.

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