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This is a RANT for The Augusta Chronicle. I have been a subscriber for over 10 years, and about a year ago you cut the Carolina section from the Sunday paper. Why? It wasn't a huge section, and I'm sure you have thousands of customers in the North Augusta-Aiken area. I have called and talked to employees at The Chronicle who didn't realize the section was gone. They told me they would check into it, but it's been months and nothing has changed.

I have to wonder about how we are going to enforce our new law against texting while driving when I pass a state representative, or so his license tag indicates, on Tobacco Road and he is text-ing while driving.

Augustans, don't be short-sighted in regard to the baseball stadium. I came from another part of the country where the downtown area had many store vacancies (like Augusta) and nothing to drive people and tourists there. After a baseball stadium was brought to town, there was a revitalization of the area. Businesses prospered and new ones were encouraged to set up shop. Are you so much against a baseball stadium that you don't want Augusta to prosper? Do your homework before you decide what is and is not good for the city.

Raves to the Ranter who knows we need term limits on government jobs. One addition to that idea is to not give any office holder a six-year job. Limit each job to two years, with no chance to run for the same office. Remember how the inventors of democracy, the ancient Greeks, kept their leaders in line. The president of the city-state held that office for one day.

University of Georgia Athletic Director Evans blew it big time. Evans apologized, but he wants to keep his job, and presumably his wife. How sad for her.

People, stop bringing your 2-year-olds to the library and letting them run around yelling and pulling books off the shelves while you walk around saying "sh h h." There are actually people who go to the library to study because it is supposed to be a quiet environment. If you insist on bringing your kids, then stay in the kids section.

I was glad to read in the rants that we were not the only ones who were not amused with the patriotic presentation at Abilene Baptist. It appears they were more focused on orchestrating a grand prank than honoring the veterans, the fallen, the wounded and the active military.

This is a response to the person who talked about school bus drivers speeding and running stop signs. If you pay that much attention to the school buses, then I know you see yourself and other drivers who don't stop for school buses, cut in front of school buses and bus stops, all sorts of things.


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