X-Mart reopens on Gordon Highway

The x-rated video store that cost the city of Augusta a $550,000 settlement and $137,000 to fight in court is now open.

The X-Mart on Gordon Highway opened its doors Saturday but won't be open 24 hours until the store is fully staffed, X-Mart attorney Gary Edinger said.

"They need about eight employees to do 'round the clock, and have about two shifts full at this point," Edinger said.

The retail store has been fortunate to be able to pick and choose from a large pool of applicants, some of whom had previous adult retail experience, he said.

The store has been closed since 2003, while Augusta and X-Mart owner Augusta Video have been fighting a protracted legal battle.

Since agreeing to the settlement May 18, Augusta has paid the full amount and expedited the issue of licenses the store needed to open, Edinger said.