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BP WAS NOT stupid enough to purposely cause its drill to burst, thus costing it a fortune. Therefore, with no intention to do it, BP (and we) was just terribly unlucky. That doesn't mean an apology is needed, but there is also no question that Obama extorted $20 billout out of BP. In other words, Obama committed a major felony and nobody is doing a darned thing to get him locked up for it.

SO THE BOOKKEEPER at Glenn Hills basically got a no-interest $14,000 loan. Where do the rest of us Board of Education employees go to apply?

BP'S HAYWARD finally got a chance to take a break and went to a boat race. The big media are killing him for that. How many stupid and expensive trips has Obama taken since the spill started? How many parties has Obama gone to? In fact, how many absurdly expensive parties have taxpayers paid for at the White House since this whole oil mess began? Hayward takes one outing and gets slammed; Obama takes scores of outings and not a word from the big media.

THIS IS A RAVE for our law enforcement officers who did such a good job during the gay pride parade.

AS A PARENT, I am concerned about discipline in our schools. My child says teachers have told her when she reported bad behavior that they are not to write students up for certain behaviors because they are considered trivial. My child has seen students who fought allowed back in the class that day with nothing more than in-school suspension. My child has been bullied and has seen bullies intimidate students only to get in-school suspension or detention. If my child continues to be bullied, I will report the offender to the police. Furthermore, I will bring a lawsuit if I find that adequate measures have not been taken by the system to protect my child.

HEY, MAYOR DEKE, crime in my south Augusta neighborhood has increased, my tax assessment has increased, yet the value of my home continues to decrease. Maybe you could address these issues instead of constantly pushing for another ballpark.

FIVE THUGS were arrested for burning the JROTC firing range in Hephzibah. A reasonable punishment would be to build a fence around what's left of that building, then sentence the goons to 10 or 15 years living in the mess they made.

TO THE PERSON asking how a 50,500-square-foot mosque school could be built in Columbia County: The answer is kind of simple. It's called freedom of religion, which is one of the founding principles of this country.

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