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I can somewhat understand young people getting tattooed to impress their own, but I will never understand why adult women mar their bodies with this primitive practice. Please, no more pictures of ignorant people desecrating themselves with tattoos. From a former merchant seaman that never wanted a tattoo.

I actually moved from Harrisburg to Meadowbrook Drive in the 1970s. Back then, this was a wonderful area where it was safe for kids to play. Now the gangs have taken over, and it is as bad as if not worse than Harrisburg. At least the people in Harrisburg are proactive and have a strong neighborhood association. We really don't have anything like that in the Meadowbrook area.

Kudos to Joe Traina, who is trying to "curb gang activity and poverty." But the "poverty" angle doesn't wash. Poverty does not create gangs.

Another Rant to the person talking about "crying teachers": Amen to the teacher who mentioned the central office staffing and administrative waste, but I'd like to add that the money spent on gyms and other facilities would certainly help some teachers get the raises they have earned.

The tide is finally turning. He spoke for 20 minutes, and even the talking heads on CNN recognized that he didn't say anything of substance. Hang on, America, the elections are coming!

To parents of babies in church: It is not cute when you allow your child to disrupt church services. It is disrespectful to everyone else who is there to worship, disrespectful to the ones trying to lead the service and mostly disrespectful to God. All churches have nurseries and other rooms to take children who cannot be quiet. It they're an infant, please use the nursery. You need to be worshiping yourself. I have children, and never would I allow them to totally disrupt, no matter where I am.

It is evident that the leaders in Augusta care nothing about south Augusta when they allow the owners of the old Regency Mall property to let this eyesore continue to drag down this section of town. It is a disgrace to south Augusta and the city of Augusta.

I have a question for the administration at Blythe City Hall. When are you going to leave the police department alone and let them do their job?


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