Rants & Raves

Local Teacher Song: “It’s a hard-knock life for us, it’s a hard-knock life for us. Instead of raises, with furloughs we get sticked; instead of praises, we get kicked. Instead of time for teaching, we get testing; instead of time to plan, we get meetings. It’s a hard-knock life for us. Instead of respect for degrees, we get coaches; instead of clean halls we get roaches. It’s a hard-knock life for us. Instead of respect from students we get threats; instead of no worries all we can do is fret. It’s a hard-knock life.”

I have a very simple rule when hiring contractors to do work on my property: that they provide proof that they only employ people in this country legally. I will not allow anyone to work on my property who is here illegally. If more people did this, then it would help curb illegal immigration.

There are two very simple reasons why people do not use their turn signals. The first is cell phone use. The second is laziness!

I know it’s common to blame the sitting president for the nation’s ills, but it’s absolutely incredible to me the length left-wing liberal loons will go to in order to continue to blame former President Bush for them. I would like to ask the writer of the  letter to the  editor “Obama isn’t the failure you believe” just how long he would continue to place blame on former President Bush? Five years? Ten years? Gee – why don’t we just blame him well into the 22nd century?

The repair on Skinner Mill Road has sat idle now for over five days. The equipment sits empty and the work has ceased. Why is this? This is a heavily traveled road. I was going through the detour construction area; a car traveled too far into my lane, and I had to scrape the barrels in order not to be hit by that automobile. Now my car is damaged.

I was wrong in implying I fully agreed with “up here from Savannah.” Augusta is not all that boring, but our rants too often are. And the “don’t let the door …” etc., etc., just proves the point.

After a five-year,
daily dose of reading your paper’s Rants & Raves, I have come to the conclusion that you need a new name for the column. Toward this end, I respectfully submit this header: “Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.” Shakespeare won’t mind a bit. Trust me; he would undoubtedly agree with me were he still alive.