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If Dr. Wayne Frazier can't control what goes into his school's annual, how can anyone believe he can lead the whole school system?

What's lower than a father who'll force his little 9-year-old daughter to drink booze so her blood alcohol measures 0.165?

As long as it's paid for with private money, fine - let five "educators" take five days of lessons in "math and science instruction training." But how did somebody who is already a working teacher get the job in the first place if he or she still needed "tools and resources"? If "the latest effective instructional methods" are necessary, how on earth did George Washington ever learn to read or add?

Obama said: "I am furious at this entire situation because this is an example where somebody didn't think through the consequences of their actions." Was the president talking about the oil spill or the last presidential election?

This is a rant for the Colum­bia County commissioners: Why is it taking so long to finish William Few Parkway Ex­ten­sion? It didn't take this long to build that new highway department on Chamberlain Road.

Yeah. I guess I am a right-winger. Lower taxes, smaller government, personal responsibility, free enterprise, states' rights. But I do not blame only Barack Obama for the oil spill. BP and the owner of the rig are to blame for the spill itself. I blame Obama and his administration for lying to us for several weeks about the actual severity and not putting pressure on BP to act with greater urgency. Those who defend Obama so blindly are the same ones who believed in 2005 that a president has control over hurricanes. President Bush urged the Dem­ocratic governor of Louis­iana and the Democratic mayor of New Orleans to evacuate the coast, but they stubbornly refused in order to avoid looking like they were being told what to do by a Repub­lican.

A RANT to the woman in the blue Volvo on Richmond Hill Road the morning of June 4. Did you notice that on more than one occasion you were weaving into the other lane? When you passed me, I noticed why - you were texting the entire time! Does the child in the passenger seat mean so little to you that you would risk his life? Put the phone down and have a conversation with the kid in the passenger seat instead of neglecting his safety!

Every time I read comments from certain readers about the president, I am hugely disappointed with all the disgusting name-calling and bashing. And what is emphasizing his given middle name during your tirade supposed to mean? Are you implying that all Muslims are bad? There's a difference between disagreeing with an opinion and pure hate. Yet some of you claim that it has nothing to do with race, creed, etc.

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