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YOUR STATS SAY there were 32 car thefts right on Broad Street in 2008. Will anybody in Augusta ever wake up and go back to using walking beat cops who carry big sticks? Until that happens, fewer and fewer honest shoppers will get near Broad Street.

AS ALWAYS, Hillary Clinton says the rich should pay more taxes, carefully omitting that the vast majority of taxes are already paid by the rich.

HEADLINE: "Annual depicts kids as jailbirds." All high school yearbooks are supposed to be put together by students under the strict guidance of teachers. Where were the teachers? Principal Frazier said, "The parents ... thought it was all in fun." Yep! Those are the same parents who are rearing kids to go straight from public school to the streets to prison.

MASSACHUSETTS health officials are forming a team to "tackle hoarding issues." Since there is no law against stocking up on things, why does a government go to the trouble to pretend this is in some way illegal? You can cram a privately owned house with dead leaves, and it's no business of government. That is, it's not until government works night and day to invent excuses to take over every single freedom we have.

AN INTERNATIONAL GROUP called Doctors Without Borders "called on rich countries to fulfill their obligations to poorer nations." Richer countries have no obligations to poorer nations. Charity is private, not national.

SCHOOL IS OUT, and the kids are already out getting in trouble. My son's truck was stolen after he stopped for gas after work. Would like to thank Richmond County sheriff's deputies for recovering his truck so quickly. Hopefully these kids find something productive to do for the summer.

THIS IS AN awe-struck rave over the fabulous new I-20 and Bobby Jones interchange.

A RANT TO some parents who continue to allow their students to act disrespectfully, rudely and dismissive of good deeds done for them by their teachers and other staff. This is disgraceful; you are setting them up for future failure due to their attitudes.

RAVE TO THE GIRL and others like her who would donate their hair to help others. You know, your paper should set up positive, good stories like these in a tabloid newspaper or a brochure of some sort geared to the kids. Perhaps with more reading material like this, we won't have the high school level kids want to glorify criminals ever again.

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