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Obama is the greatest president ever because he overcame discrimination to be our first black commander-in-chief. Oil spills, high unemployment and deficit spending cannot overshadow his win in '08. Rank him with Mandela, King and Douglass. Thank God we have someone caring for us blacks and the poor. We will have two cars in every driveway and a turkey on the table, finally! Thank you, Mr. Obama!

It makes no sense at all that MCG would send an overdue notice for a bill without doing its research. The recipient is still permanently disabled, not yet approved for disability and without a job due to disability. He hasn't even been out of the hospital for two months. Do they think he won the lottery in that short time? The bill is for $998,000. Yet we were assured it was paid by their private charity. Apparently not! I guess those funds are needed to pay the new president.

Headline: "2 American tourists kidnapped in Yemen." Sad, of course, but what kind of nitwit chooses to be a tourist in Yemen?

This is a rave for the gentleman that opened the door for my wife yesterday at J.C. Penny's. We appreciate it and thank you.

I have a rant for the board that gave those guys at the utility department their jobs back after they were caught stealing pay for time they didn't work, then gave them back pay to boot. I guess dishonesty does pay. They all should have been fired.

To Dr. Wayne Frazier, principal of Glenn Hills: Sir, I respect you as a leader, but I would like to ask you two questions. If you were sober, why didn't you take the breathalyzer test? If you were sober why didn't you take a blood test? By refusing both tests to prove your innocence, you sort of look guilty to me. I wish you the best of luck in this case.

The Columbia County Board of Education needs to listen to the teachers and stop the harassment that is happening in the elementary schools.

I've been living in my home off Meadowbrook Drive for over 30 years, and in the last five years things have really started going downhill. There is a drug house on my street with customers coming and going at all hours of the night and with gang members out on the street acting as sentinels. Everyone knows what is going on at that home, including the police, but they can't seem to do anything about it. No surprise it's a rental property and the landlord won't return any of my phone calls about what's going on.

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