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THE CHRONICLE is a Georgia paper, with only a few minor attempts to entice and pacify its South Carolina neighbors. So I'm confused as to why your lead editorial in Sunday's paper blasted a school issue in Aiken County. For your information, it's not just that our schools are "old"; it's that they only have room for half their students. Having a place to sit really helps a student learn.

ILLEGAL MEANS against the law. Obama spoke of "illegal immigrants" as being "law-abiding." Make sense of that!

RAVE FOR ARIZONA for trying to enforce our immigration laws. To solve the racism and discrimination complaints, simply change the law to require that police verify citizenship on everyone arrested.

JUST A WORD in regards to the much talked about immigration law in Arizona, which is long overdue. I only hope many of our other states will have the intestinal fortitude to follow this much needed policy.

AS A PARISHIONER of Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church, I am deeply disappointed in our pastor, who reprinted (and apparently endorses) an article in the church bulletin regarding illegal immigration. The article, which previously appeared in the Southern Cross newspaper, talked about the Catholic bishops' opposition to the Arizona immigration law. The Catholic leadership should be more concerned with the Mexican government providing for the welfare of its own people. I am a Hispanic Catholic who supports the Arizona law.

A RANT FOR the Mexican president. He is absolutely right when he says we need to revamp our immigration laws. Why don't we simply implement the same laws Mexico has: no entry without a job or income, jail time for people without documentation and immediate deportation.

SOMEBODY ASKED in the Rants & Raves if there are any churches in Columbia or Richmond County where he or she would feel welcome. Well, please come to Pine View Baptist Church in Martinez, on Pleasant Home Road. We will give you many hugs. and you will feel very welcome -- and good food to boot.

A RANT TO Augusta Utilities. Why is there a charge to pay a water bill online? This seems totally backwards. Less human interaction should mean less expense/operating cost.

WHAT GOOD DOES it do to have a Palmetto Parkway when tractor-trailers still come through North Augusta by the thousands each day? The trucks block Knox Avenue and Martintown Road when they should be using the parkway.

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