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I SEE WHERE Obama is apologizing to Mexico but can't figure what for and the Mexican president gets a standing ovation for badmouthing our laws. Boy, what a bunch of gutless cowards we have running our country. We need George Bush or someone with some guts back or we are finished. Mexico is a thorn in our side.

KATRINA WAS an act of nature. Bush's problem was his handling of FEMA's response to it. BP's oil spill was not an act of nature, so BP is the first and main line responsible for cleanup.

THE UNITED STATES gives Mexico billions of tax dollars to stem the drug flow from that country. So far, no great results as Mexican president Calderon faults the United States' unquenchable thirst for illegal drugs and the supply of "American made automatic weapons" flowing into his country for his continued lack of success. Seal the borders and watch the price of drugs go sky high. Some serious riots will erupt in U.S. streets, and there will be calls for "open borders." It's all about supply and demand.

I THINK KEEPING the "South Augusta Devil's Workshop" closed for eight years was the best thing that the Augusta Commission ever did. For the citizens who seem to have a lackadaisical attitude about pornography, remember that serial killer, now death row inmate, Renaldo Rivera said he started out looking at pornography and then attempted to emulate what he saw.

WHY DOES OUR principal drive his fancy sports car to school when his teachers are being furloughed?

THE RICHMOND COUNTY Board of Education wants to give a raise to the interim superintendant because he has "extra duties." Is it going to do the same for teachers who have extra duties all the time?

DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS are not down in Richmond County schools, no matter what the Georgia Department of Education states. Reports are down, not discipline problems. There's a big difference between stats and reality. Many times teachers don't write kids up for serious offenses because they're concerned they'll be told they lack management skills.

I HOPE LORI DAVIS and the Harrisburgers will take their fight for a chronic nuisance property ordinance all the way to Atlanta and get state law changed so that Augusta can move forward. I'm originally from upstate New York, and my hometown has had such an ordinance for well over 15 years, and it has done a lot of good to clean up the crime and blight.

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