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NEW YORK CITY Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says the Times Square wanna-be bomber proves we need more gun control. Where do cities find such nitwits to hold high office? The terrorist wasn't using a gun; he was using a bomb!

AUGUSTA, GA., golf capital of the world, cannot maintain a city golf course but wants to spend money to build an unnecessary baseball field. Go figure! With the help of private funds, along with public funds, the Patch could be, and should be, a destination golf course.

THE "PATCH" should continue to raise rates to cover the expenses the city is covering for golfers who probably have the means to pay more. Enough of this nonsense. Get the city to stand up and be accountable.

AFRICAN-AMERICANS are complaining because Sandra Bullock is adopting a black child. What difference does it make? The woman is caring, successful, will give the child a wonderful life.

THERE IS FAR TOO MUCH favoritism and nepotism in Richmond County schools. Good, hardworking educators are often passed over for lazy moochers or incompetent relatives and friends. Let's hope the new superintendent can see the truth and act on it.

WHAT IS GOING ON in today's public schools? A Chronicle headline says: "Teachers squeeze in cursive lessons after standardized testing is complete." Somebody in Atlanta or Washington is forcing teachers to teach the basics last, only giving them time to "squeeze in" those basics, and all in favor of teaching how to pass a test dictated by D.C. This is exactly backwards from any kind of common sense.

DEAR DOWNTOWN merchants: Sorry, no time for breakfast this morning. I wish I could eat breakfast, wanted to eat breakfast, but stuck behind another train.

I THINK THAT Wrightsboro Road would be a lot smoother if they took the asphalt off it.

PLEASE, MR. MAYOR, give us a sidewalk up and down Aumond Road. Without it, it is too dangerous to walk or ride bikes.

PHOTO SHOWS a grinning Sonny Perdue, very happy with budget "balanced" by raising taxes by $200 million and fees (more taxes) by $90 million. Any politician can raise spending and tax us more. Isn't there one somewhere who can actually cut spending and cut government programs? Apparently not.

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