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WE WILL REMEMBER come November (2010 and 2012).

THE ELECTION of a conservative politician, David Cameron, in Great Britain is a very bad omen hanging over Obama's head. Margaret Thatcher got elected in 1979 just before Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980. Watch this administration shift into hyper-drive to complete its agenda before November.

OBAMA NOMINATED Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. She is known as a fan of Obama who has called him a "rock star." Is Obama surrounding himself with such fans? Sounds like the way egotistical kings used to act. Do you want a president of a free country or a king of a country that has no freedoms?

SOME AMERICANS have become so used to entitlement money from government, they'll sit on their backsides and collect various government checks rather than work. Cut off the welfare and the illegal immigrants won't have jobs to sneak in for.

GEORGIA'S TAX REVENUE fell in April. Now let's see if those in the Capitol have figured out that if they simply spend less, cut programs, etc., there'll still be plenty of revenue. Of course, state politicians have already sold off a lot of Georgia's sovereignty to the federal government in exchange for half this year's budget.

GEORGIA ATTORNEY GENERAL Thurbert Baker says as governor he'll "create 100,000 jobs." Government has never created productive or lasting jobs; yet this genius claims he'll be the first to pull off the impossible. This is enough to let the public know this guy's the wrong guy.

THE UNITED STATES has 71 million unused doses of swine flu vaccine. That's because Americans have learned we cannot trust the federal government, and the FDA is the federal government, with all its shrieking warnings to set up a phony crisis for Obama to use to get his unconstitutional health care bill passed.

THE PUBLIC SWIMMING pools should remain open all season, at no cost, no matter what the cost. Young children need to learn how to swim. Keeping the pools open will save lives one day. It is just as important to keep the pools open as to have CPR classes.

DR. BEDDEN, please, before you go to Texas modernize the high school exam schedule as other counties have. Let students take two exams in the morning, then go home. Teachers can then complete those grades by that afternoon. It is more efficient and practical and would lead to a peaceful ending of the school year. Students do not need to be in school all day to just take two exams.

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