Rants & Raves

Rant for the 9-to-5 police investigators in Richmond County. How can you solve a crime or catch any criminal if after 5 p.m. there is only an answering machine? Do the bad guys only work banker's hours? And yes, I did call dispatch. I was asked if my call was an emergency. What crime isn't an emergency?


I feel we should be able to hire a local qualified person to lead our board of education. Surely Dr. Wayne Frazier is the most qualified considering all the successes he's had with every single school he's led. If he has some reason not to wish for the position, Dr. Frazier should be the top person to judge the candidates.

Bravo to the plans to reuse those older buildings on VA property for the homeless vets. Those buildings should never have been just sitting there, breaking down. And our vets, homeless and otherwise, ought to be better helped for all they did in risking life and limb for our country.

Too bad people are so ignorant or foolish to waste time yapping about not being able to control our president in his travels. These complainers never said a peep about how much Bush traveled.

This is a rave for the Augusta Players production of Annie! They were amazing. It's great to have such a quality community theater in Augusta. Debbie Ballas does such great work with our local talent and is to be commended.

Rant for Staff Writer Mike Wynn. "Free Money." Is that how you really see my tax money? The Sunday article about Augusta not being counted in the Census quotes Paine College historian Mallory Millender as saying, "This is free money to us." He goes on to say: "It's a chance to make a financial contribution without coming out of your own pockets." Tax money comes out of the pocket of taxpayers regardless of where it is spent. This "free money" attitude is a large part of our nation's financial problem.

All these budget cuts in education are hurting everyone. How are teachers going to live with cuts to their income? How do you expect teachers to continue doing everything they have to do plus teach a class when you make it easier to have them switch fields because of continuous salary cuts?