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IN REFERENCE TO the fifth lane everyone is crying and begging for on Highway 56: We don't need a fifth lane out there; we need for people to slow down. The speed limit is 55, and I know for a fact that people are going 70-plus on that highway. That's 20 mph over the speed limit. They wonder why they have accidents. If you study the recent accidents, you'll see they're not at intersections; they're caused from idiots going too fast. Put cops out there giving tickets, and keep them out there.

QUESTION: Does anyone else dislike the funny little advertisement stickers on the front of the paper every day? I enjoy looking at the headlines, not the funny little advertising. The first thing I do is take it off and put it in the trash. I know there has to be advertising, but couldn't they put it somewhere besides the front of the paper?

THIS IS A BIG RAVE to whomever is responsible for the paving of Windsor Spring Road. It was long overdue but very much appreciated.

WHY DON'T Richmond County cops sit on Interstate 20 and arrest everybody for speeding? What a racetrack.

RANT TO THE Columbia County schools that closed in honor of Confederate Memorial Day. How absurd to celebrate something hateful and negative and expect anyone nonwhite to acknowledge it. Oh, and don't even try to compare this to MLK Day because that is celebrating peace and equality for all people, not hate and violence toward nonwhites.

TO THE TEACHER crying about his/her paycheck: At least you still have a paycheck. If you don't like your job, then give it to one of the thousands of unemployed textile workers (who never had June, July and August off).

IT'S ACTUALLY the ranters against Obama, with their overly emotional, illogical comments, that show a lack of critical thinking skills. Biggest one: Sarah Palin. She objects to Obama using any teleprompter but thinks it's OK to write and read from her hands like teenagers with crib notes.

OBAMA IS VERY upset because the people of Arizona insist on running their own state rather than let the place be overrun with illegal immigrants, dope sellers, human traffickers, etc. Why is Obama so obstinate about this? Could it be that Obama knows he is also an immigrant?

THE CITY OF AUGUSTA sank $6 million of our sales tax dollars into the Golf & Gardens site. Now a private developer wants to buy it for $2.8 million with the expectation of public money being used to help build a ballpark, yet we won't own the land it sits on. Is it just me, or does this sound like a bad deal?

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