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Note to the member of the "moocher class" who doesn't understand the outrage of the Tea Party movement. We won't opt out of our Medicare entitlements because we bought and paid for them with a lifetime of hard work and contributions from our paychecks. If it wasn't for the mostly white, old people that make up most of the Tea Party, people like you would not be able to sit on your duff, collect money for work you never did.

Since the Richmond County Board of Education Transportation Department doesn't seem able to control its bus drivers, who can? I've complained too many times to count about a bus on Highway 56. This morning he held up four lanes of traffic to wait for one lazy, self-centered high school girl to come out of the house and leisurely stroll down the driveway while on her cell phone to get to the bus. Why did he wait? She should have been there waiting for him. That's not the worst of it. This morning, as is the case most mornings, another bus passed me on Highway 56. I was going almost 65. The speed limit is 55.

Regent Felton Jenkins says we must reorganize the MCG system. Then he says, "Maybe there were personality conflicts." Personality conflicts aren't caused by the system. They're caused by different personalities. What the heck is going on with all this sudden "we've gotta change everything" stuff? Somebody's playing a game. And when somebody's playing a big-money game, is somebody just looking for more dictatorial power?

Meth labs seem to be popping up everywhere and simply go ignored - that is until a pawnshop owner is murdered by the druggies. Why does someone have to be killed in cold blood for authorities to take action?

Dieway 56 needs to be fixed now! If the permanent solution (widening) cannot happen for several more years, at least some temporary fixes could be done in the meantime. Deceleration lanes (right turn lanes) could be added for all intersections; flashing overhead lights (or even actual traffic signals) could be added at accident-prone intersections; warning signs could be added to warn drivers to prepare to stop for traffic ahead of them making turns.

All of the RAVES extolling the wonderful job Obama and the progressive liberals are doing in D.C. are concrete examples of the fact that we as educators have failed miserably to teach critical thinking skills.

I am a teacher. With the lack of a step increase and the furlough days, I made less this year than last year. Yet I paid more federal taxes this year than last year. Tell me again how Obama is helping the little people. I still haven't figured that out.


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