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South Carolina congress­man Bob Inglis says a "federal complex planned for Green­ville will cost about $70 million." (Forget for a moment that no federal courthouse buildings should cost that much.) At the same time, the Gen­eral Services Adminis­tra­tion says "the design process (isn't designing a process?) is expected to begin this fall." If it's not even designed yet, how can Inglis say how much it'll cost? This sounds like the federal government working overtime to confuse the taxpayers.

How dare The Chronicle imply editorially that blood is on the hands of the Clinton administration for the tragedy at Waco, Texas! The blood is on the hands of David Koresh, a child raper whose illegally armed thugs murdered federal agents engaged in enforcing the law. How absurd to point fingers at anyone but Koresh for the deaths of his followers. Was it crazy of Timothy McVeigh to rationalize Waco as a reason for killing people? Yes. But he had a lot of encouragement from fellow crazies who attempted to create an atmosphere of hatred by turning Waco into a twisted cause.

Why is it that a meth house can operate when the neighbors know that drugs are being sold and used at a house? Neigh­bors need to report drug use around them so that the police can shut these places down. Let's all help clean up the crime in south Augusta.

I wish the Columbia County Sheriff's Office would do more patrolling around Evans High School in the morning. The students drive recklessly and endanger the lives of everyone on the road.

The Augusta Commission can't seem to do anything productive. What's the point of forming committees, paying for studies and bringing in experts, just to ignore them all and keep going with the status quo? But they can figure out ways to overpay fired incompetent employees and waste our tax money on things like trolley studies and a new ballpark.

Treasury Secretary Geith­ner says the U.S. economy is very strong. The U.S. government is trillions in debt; people are out of work; inflation is rampant - despite Obama's denials. That ain't strong!


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