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I hope the pilot who flew over the Augusta National golf course flying the banner during the tournament will make this an annual event.

This is a rant for Diamond Lakes Elementary School. I think it's a shame how a teacher can grab a child by the back of his neck and drag him to the office. Then the child has to hit the teacher to get the teacher off him. It's wrong for the child to hit the teacher, but don't you think it's wrong for the teacher to grab a small child and try to take him to the office? Isn't that the job of the parent? It's the job of the teacher to instruct the child, not put his hands on him.

I like the job the Rich­mond County sheriff's department is doing, but I would really like to see deputies in my neighborhood more often. Please come to Spanish Trace off Tobacco Road. Let's get rid of the drugs. There's a bunch of drugs being sold there.

This is a RANT to The Augusta Chronicle for taking out the comic strip Overboard. This is enough to make me cancel my subscription to the newspaper. Please bring back Overboard!

The Pepperidge gangs are just the tip of the iceberg. We've had major gang activity here in the neighborhoods off Meadowbrook Drive for years now, but it keeps getting ignored by authorities.

A question from a Penn­syl­vanian: Do cars that are sold in Augusta not have turn signals?

This is both a rant and a rave for the ASU students whose picture was in the Thurs­day paper making T-shirts for the Take Back the Night rally. Their hard work, time and effort to participate in this event is commendable. But if you are going to protest sexual violence, you should consider dressing a little more modestly. Two of the girls were exposed above the waist, while the other flaunted a rear end decorated with what appeared to be tattoos. I personally do not feel that flaunting your bodies while protesting sexual violence gets across the message you intended.

This is a rave and a high five to the folks at the James Brown Arena and Bell Audi­tor­ium. I am well past my concert days, but I do like seeing that this venue is coming back into play locally. Maybe some of this proactive environment could rub off on the city fathers in other ways than free tickets.

People, the parking lot of the Lowe's on Knox Avenue in North Augusta is not a highway or roadway. It is a parking lot. If you are passing through that area to get from Martintown Road to Knox Avenue, or vice versa, you are violating the law. North Augusta Public Safety needs to have this checked out. After all, the parking lot is under police jurisdiction.


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