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To the grown man that got out of his white pickup truck at a red light on Mike Padgett Highway on Tuesday afternoon to point at and yell at another driver, you should be ashamed of yourself. Lunatics like you are why people get killed on that road. Do yourself a favor and lighten up before you give yourself a heart attack.

Since the Roman Catholic Church has remained the focus of intense investigation into sex crimes, and rightly so, when are the other denominations going to undergo an equally diligent scrutiny for their pedophiles and the like?

What smart Board of Education member thought that giving teachers two half-day furlough days was better than one whole day?

The federal government says new rules will boost mileage. Government has never invented a car or an engine. Government has no way on earth to "boost mileage," even while it claims to be doing just that.

Why pay a search committee to look for a new school superintendent when there are qualified people here in Augusta? Dr. Wayne Frazier is one of them. He made a great difference at every school he has served. There are plenty of other qualified teachers and principals in this school system.

I sure do miss the comic strip Overboard. How could anyone not like Jonas and Ellie and their antics. The two new ones don't seem to have much to offer.

It would be a wonderful idea if all of the Obama haters first looked in the mirror and asked themselves, "Do I really hate this man or do I judge him so harshly because of his skin color?" The truth should set you free. Bush sent us down a path of destruction for eight years and you don't want to give President Obama a chance to try and straighten out the mess from those eight years. Give him and yourself a chance to see the good and not hate so much.

I would like to have an answer to a question that bothers me: Can a president and his regime be thrown out of office for trying to push socialism and Marxism on this country?

People of the CSRA, if you want the price of gasoline to come down, stay home on the weekends.

I have a rant for the U.S. government. If you go to work, they tax you to death. But if you choose not to go to work, they'll take care of you.

When are the powers that be going to acknowledge that we need the middle lane on Mike Padgett Highway. We just had another death because of the lack of it. Build it!

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