Rants & Raves

I would like to know how the Easter Bunny and colored eggs are associated with Christianity.


We know Tiger is going to play here, but is he the only golfer who will be in Augusta? You would think so.

Columbia County needs to provide pre-K to all children who want the public school experience or get out of the pre-K business. The way it is done is discrimination at its worst. There are many neighborhoods who don't have adequate pre-K schools. You should look to Burke County for a good example. They are providing pre-K for all kids who want to be in a public school.

I have a Rave for the Merriwether Volunteer Fire Department. They are awesome. They responded Sunday night to the tornado calls. In my opinion, they went above and beyond their duty. My ex-husband's house got heavily damaged on Wild Life Trail in the Deer Springs subdivision. They removed what they could of the tree that went through his roof, then they tarped the roof. Some of them even returned on Monday and one heard him say he needed to go get more tarp for one end of the house. He called and a couple more volunteers came out with more tarp, and really covered the areas that needed covering.

Why is it hate speech for a Republican to speak out but exercising your First Amendment right when a Democrat speaks out?

Monday's cartoon showing Fidel Castro giving advice to the American government was a new editorial low for The Chronicle, especially considering the current climate of hatred being foisted off on Americans. This administration will not torture dissidents; however, like all other Americans, politicians have a right to complain about being threatened. As a taxpayer, I demand that the authorities go after today's anarchistic fools who issue death threats (both real and veiled), commit vandalism and assault and make deliberately seditious statements.

Aiken leaders are working again on the "city's strategic plan." Ain't it amazing that Aiken became a first class town by just letting individuals make their own decisions about where to start a store, where to put a school (originally schools weren't public), where to build a house. This modern "planning" is actually just a method for a few elitists to grab power.

Obama announces more off-shore oil drilling. But he limits it to certain areas. Look behind the scenes and see which companies and individuals will rake in the big bucks, and which won't. Obama wouldn't make such a move without a political payoff.