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It's a sad day in America when we are so polarized that half the people are rejoicing as though the signing of the health care bill is some wonderful thing that's going to aid America and half the people are mourning because they feel that government of the people, by the people and for the people has perished from the Earth.

This is a rant to the professor at Augusta State who said she didn't mind the students using laptops in the classroom because her students were adults and if they misuse their class time then they're the ones who'll suffer. That's true if you're 30 or older. But, let's face it, those kids who are there and haven't found their own way or aren't paying for their own education need a little guidance from their professor.

The health care bill will one day become known as Obama's folly.

For all the people ranting about health care reform, would you do me a favor? Sit down and read at least part of it. If you do that, you won't sound so dumb when you put all these stupid remarks in the paper about how you're going to vote them out. You better be glad the program got in there. The program will be adjusted. I heard the same thing when Social Security and Medicare passed. All those bills were passed by Democrats. And what has a Republican done for you lately?

Federal regulators recently seized four banks - two in Georgia. Has anybody noticed how many relatively small banks Obama's federal government is seizing weekly?

The Georgia House plans to fill the hole in the budget with more taxes, but the legislators call them fees. Where are politicians who can see the clarity of simply eliminating entire government programs that were never the business of government to start with?

A rave to the ladies putting their makeup on while driving to work in the morning on Belair Road. Love watching you do that, especially if I can see you in my rearview mirror. Makes a boring drive more fun.

A rant to ASU: It doesn't need more buildings; it needs to hire more professors to teach students. Maybe then we will have more course choices, especially at night, since the buildings are not fully occupied then - but the lights burn anyway.

I am a volunteer coach in Richmond County. I also volunteer during the summer coaching traveling basketball teams, and for many years I coached for the recreation department. Our community talks about the problems in our neighborhoods with our youth, but during the summer we can't use the gym for practice. All we are trying to do is give these kids something to do during the summer.

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