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Same virus struck ship for 3rd time, CDC says

CHARLESTON, S.C. --- Officials with the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say tests confirm that norovirus caused intestinal illness on a ship's third cruise from South Carolina earlier this month.

The virus sickened almost 420 people aboard the Celebrity Mercury, which returned to Charleston on March 18.

Norovirus symptoms include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and stomach cramps.

The Mercury then underwent three days of extensive cleaning. There were no problems when the ship sailed on a fourth cruise last week.

The Celebrity was back in Charleston on Monday preparing to board another cruise.

On two previous cruises this year, hundreds of passengers were sickened by norovirus on the same ship.

Nuclear plant shuts down after two fires

HARTSVILLE, S.C. --- Two fires in an electrical room forced Progress Energy to shut down its South Carolina nuclear plant.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said no workers were injured in the fires Sunday night at the H.B. Robinson site and that people living around the plant near Hartsville were not in danger.

The agency sent several investigators to the plant to figure out what caused the fires.

Progress Energy said the first fire started about 7 p.m. in a breaker in the turbine building, while the second happened in an adjacent breaker about four hours later. The blazes were put out in minutes.

The utility is waiting to hear from inspectors before deciding when the reactor will be restarted. Workers were scheduled to shut it down and refuel it in mid-April.


Man jailed after fatal shooting outside club

ATLANTA --- Atlanta police say a man is in custody after a shooting outside an Atlanta nightclub and concert venue left one man dead.

Police said the shooting happened about 11 p.m. Sunday outside the Masquerade on North Avenue.

Atlanta police Maj. Keith Meadows said the shooting apparently stemmed from a dispute over a vehicle blocking the street.

Police said an off-duty Atlanta officer working security at the club arrested the suspect. The names of the victim and suspect have not been released.