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This is a rave to all the underpaid workers in the hospitals and nursing homes. You need to protest because you are exposed to all kinds of germs, bad attitudes and everything else. An emergency room visit cost me $140, and that was just for a blood pressure and temperature check. It takes teamwork to run these hospitals efficiently, and some of these hospitals in the CSRA should be ashamed over what they are paying the little people, as they are called. When a nursing assistant is not even making $10 an hour and not getting a regular raise, then something is wrong.

I'm a registered nurse, and work in an Augusta hospital. I can't understand why everyone is against the idea that all people should be expected to have health insurance. Most hospitals are struggling to stay in business because they treat so many patients who have no insurance. Patients show up every day requiring care, knowing that they won't be turned away. Those of us who work in health care have known for years that something needed to be done. Now, after 30 years of talking about it, something has at last been done. Mandating that everyone have some form of insurance is a huge step in the right direction.

Headline asks a question: "What's next for health care?" Easy answer: Lousy health care.

Why, oh why, doesn't someone publish a brief summary of the pros and cons of this new health care reform bill and cut out all these opinions on how bad it is? I don't know a thing about this bill because I have not been privileged to read it, and nobody else has either.

RANT! Our Constitution may as well be written on wet toilet paper. We the people of the United States of America no longer have a voice. We must put an end to this steamrolling by our politicians.

Never have I felt prouder to be an American than since Sunday night. Never have I been so ashamed of anyone as I am of the Republican Party.

In response to the rant from the person who fails to understand why Obama was called an idiot: You need to get some real information on socialized medicine and all the other programs that are infuriating the majority of Americans. I lived a long time in England and know for a fact that many older people died from rationing. You are the one who needs intelligent information.

Now taxpayers will be forced to pay for abortions. Rep. Stupak was bamboozled. He accepted the lie and the bribe, and we can't wait until November.

Make the school super­intendent's position an elected job, starting with the November election.

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