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Atlanta police identify dismembered corpse


ATLANTA -- Atlanta police have identified the dismembered body of a woman discovered in a vacant lot Monday.

Atlanta Police Maj. Keith Meadows says investigators used medical records to identify the headless, handless body as that of 44-year-old Linda Symantha Myrick.

Authorities refered to surgical scarring on her left ankle and evidence on her left leg of surgical placement of plates and screws.

Myrick, whom police say lived in DeKalb County, wasn't listed in Atlanta police missing person's database.

Investigators aren't sure what happened in the moments leading up to her death, but Meadows says detectives are placing her final hours sometime between late Saturday night and early Sunday morning.


Right whale spotted giving birth in wild

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- Biologists conducting a survey for the U.S. military said Tuesday they photographed an endangered right whale giving birth near a proposed Navy training range offshore of Georgia and Florida.

The news caused waves of excitement among researchers and conservationists. Experts said it was only the second time right whales have been documented giving birth in the wild. And environmentalists opposed to the Navy's plans said the sighting bolsters their argument that submarine warfare training in the area would pose a threat to the rare species.

Researchers say only about 400 North Atlantic right whales remain.

In other news

The third-largest U.S. airplane manufacturer has come to Macon. Bombardier has signed into a 10-year agreement with Atlantic Southern Airlines and will perform maintenance on more than 150 CRJ regional aircraft. The company is setting up in the same six-bay facility used previously by ASA at Middle Georgia Regional Airport. Stephen McCoy, the general manager of Commercial Aircraft Services for Bombardier, says the company will bring at least 180 jobs to the region over the next year.

An 18-year-old senior at Bleckley County High School has won approval to bring a same-sex date to the school prom. Derrick Martin says he first sought permission in January. Bleckley County High requires approval in advance for bringing a date from outside the county.