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I see Augusta is getting spruced up for the Masters. Last Masters, going to the airport, the waist-high grass and weeds along with the ton of trash along the sides of the roads left little to be desired. Hope they include south Augusta for a little sprucing up too. Flowers wouldn't hurt either! We are the "Garden City," ya know!

Butch Palmer, Lori Davis and the other members of the concerned citizens of Richmond County have enlightened the county commissioners about the problems that are basic to all of the neighborhoods in Richmond County. A well drafted chronic nuisance property ordinance is a priceless tool. Harrisburg historically was known as The Fighting Fifth Ward . Nothing has changed. Harrisburg is the city core.

While health care reform is needed, we don't need reform that was conceived behind closed doors in a smoke-filled room through coercion, bribes and payouts.

I am a 73-year-old grandmother of two. I have worked my entire life helping provide for my family. I am self-sufficient, and that is something people have lost sight of in America today. I live down the road from a government-funded assisted living center for older adults and continually look out my window to see most of them outside playing basketball! If they are able to play basketball, they are able to live on their own and stop the abuse of government funds that we already lack. But why should I get mad at that situation? Our politicians do it every day.

Cal Ripken said he will not leave Augusta if his new stadium is not built for his team. Let's test him at his word and not build it and see what happens.

Obama and Hillary are pushing a "women's rights" scheme of family planning that "also aims to reduce maternal and child deaths and HIV infections." To both these deceivers, family planning means abortion, i.e., kill the kids early so you'll have reduced deaths later. What kind of insanity is that?

Interesting scare tactic, the letter signed by a long list of deans at the University of Georgia, trying to convince taxpayers that if they don't agree to getting gouged by government, all learning in the world will come to a halt. Maybe it's time college admins learned something about the real world. When there's no money, there's no money- K indergarten E conomics 101.

More than a third of public schools are failing, so Obama wants to grab more federal power over public schools. That's odd since public schools were not failing until Jimmy Carter invented the U.S. Department of Education. Since that time, schools have continued to fail.

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