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I have a rant about people that talk on their cell phones when they are driving. I think that it is a very irresponsible and selfish thing they do. When I was in driver's ed, I was taught that driving was a full-time job and that you should not have any distractions. Now people talk on cell phones and they think they are a good driver because they are multitasking.

I heartily agree with the person that wants Cul de Sac out of the comic strip. The artwork is below professional quality, and the humor is lame.

Although the tattered Amer­ican flag flying on top of the Dean's Bridge Walmart has been mentioned to several employees and even its manager, nothing has been done to replace it. My neighbor has even offered to purchase a flag from Walmart to replace the tattered flag. Although the manager said that he would take care of it, nothing has been done. Poor weather may have been a reason, or an excuse last week, but not a valid justification now.

As a resident of south Augusta at various different times throughout my life, I would like to thank the Alleluia Community for being an integral part of south Rich­mond County. I have learned that the Alleluia Community is simply a group of Christian families from many religious denominations that choose to live, pray and educate their children surrounded by others who share their values and goals. In south Richmond Coun­ty the spotlight often shines on violence, gangs and murder, but we also have a neighborhood and school that routinely turn out very productive young men and women.

I know Obama is brilliant because the liberal media keep telling me he is brilliant - just like two years ago I knew he had charisma because the liberal media kept telling me he had charisma.

The Obama administration is demanding that Israel abandon a building project in east Jerusalem. Imagine how Obama would scream bloody murder if any nation in the world demanded that he hand over any U.S. sovereignty. At the same time, Obama insists that U.S. commitment to Israel's security remains "unshakable." Both can't be true.

This is a rant for Richmond County schools. How is it possible for 75 percent of Richmond County school students to qualify for free or reduced lunches when the average income per family is greater than $50,000, according to the Richmond County Web site?

Ranter says another ranter is just "jealous because you don't get a free lunch." How terribly sad any American can be so uninformed and useless. When government buys you lunch, government knows you are its slave.

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