Rants & Raves

Finally, a statement I can agree with. Mr. Obama said he and his Democrat partners would pass a health care takeover bill without Republican support. If the American people did not like it, "That's what elections are for." Yep, big changes are coming to D.C. By 2012, the Democrats will be out of power and the will of the people will once again be the guiding force in D.C.


It really says something about Augusta and this paper when you print all of the hate- filled, homophobic rants but refuse to print the raves for the gay pride parade. I am aware of about 10 people who have not had their raves for gay pride published. Perhaps we were just not nasty and hate-filled enough in our comments.

Does Mayor Deke even know that there is an entire part of Augusta south of Wrightsboro Road? Does he even care?

Headline says Augusta-area governments spent about $75,000 to clear snow off roadways. Clearly, Augusta is not D.C., but how could D.C. possibly, and honestly, spend a reported $100 million for snow removal? Does this show that Augusta government actually got something right, or just give us more proof of the incompetence and corruption of D.C.?

A rave for our mayor, who always puts the best possible spin on any situation. We are lucky to have him.

Beware the officers at Aiken Technical College writing $15 parking tickets when you are there taking tests for employment.

This is a rave to our 911 dispatchers for Richmond County. They respond quickly and have been very helpful to me. They need a raise.

This is a rave for the man that turned my wallet in when I dropped it at the North Augusta Library! Thank you, thank you for being honest!  All of its contents were still in there. Thanks again!

This is a rant for the mayor. The last thing we need downtown is a baseball stadium. Why don't you give us business owners some security cameras along the streets instead. It would make people feel safer, and maybe it would get more people to visit downtown once again.

Klan, Klan, go away. Come again another day. Particularly a day when all eyes are not on our town.

Lawmakers love to blast others, for example Toyota, for making a mistake in a car design that might kill 50 people - certainly not a good thing - but over the years those very same, very arrogant lawmakers made thousands of mistakes while in office that have killed off an entire economy. Yet we don't hear them "blasting" themselves.

This is a rant to your illustrious newspaper for still carrying on over Tiger Woods.

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