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Augusta and this area must really be a place of dimwits with no intelligence. We always go elsewhere to hire for choice job positions.

This is a rant to the officials in South Carolina over the abortion ban on the state plan. I bet that same stupid health plan covers Viagra and Cialis.

This is a rant for the mayor. I wish he were as serious about cleaning up the trash and stopping the crime on Broad Street as he is about bringing a ball stadium to downtown.

To the parent that doesn't want to pay $25 for his or her child to park at a Richmond County school: Put the kid on the bus.

A rant to all
drivers who refuse to put their headlights on in rain, on dark cloudy days and at dusk.

I think your editorial Tues­day about Mayor Copen­haver is way out of line. I think he did the right thing in asking for a legal opinion. It is a constitutional right to demonstrate for what one believes as long as no laws are broken. I do not believe Mayor Copenhaver ducks controversy to make himself look good. I believe he lacks the authority and voting power the mayor position needs to be a force for the city.

What's wrong with people? Does anybody understand how our government works? The president has limited powers. Thankfully we are a democracy. Obama can only do so much.

Rant to those complaining about the gay parade and threatening to never set foot on Broad Street again should the parade take place. Well, that's ridiculous when you think about the hate-promoting KKK parade next door in Aiken County. No one seems to be outraged by that.

Rant to the "Lady Speed Demon" coming off of Satcher Boulevard in the gray SUV, blowing past me in a school zone. Last time I looked there was a stop sign at the end of the road, and the flashing yellow sign reads 35 mph. Trust me, your time is coming. I would love to see your face when a Richmond County deputy pulls you over.

This is a rant for the Har­lem Fire Department and the city government. I always hear that the fire department needs more equipment. Why don't y'all take that old white fire truck that is sitting by the railroad tracks and sell it on govdeals.com? Don't complain about not having enough money when you have stuff that you can sell just lying around.

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