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South Carolina government wants to give or lend taxpayer money to people who will make their homes more energy efficient. First, that's not the government's job. Second, government pretending to lend money to people who can't afford to pay it back is what got us into the present mess.

I am a concerned parent of a child with special needs. I have called the Richmond County Board of Education, but no one in special ed will return my calls. I have tried to contact the supervisor, no returned call. Who else can I turn to?

This fuss about credit cards is ridiculous. People feel they deserve to spend what they like and then whine when companies come after them for payments. Do what my daddy taught me: Don't get any credit cards; pay as you go as he and other folks did decades ago. I hope among the new laws there is one to finally stop the flow of money past a certain limit until people pay up.

I applaud the new credit-card rule against issuing to folks 21 and under unless they have a co-signer or proof of a steady job to make payments. That's the way it should be for anyone over 21 as well.

Looks like the mayor doesn't give a darn what the people of Augusta feel about that baseball stadium. He's going to ram it down our throats any way he can.

I agree with the person who said the bus drivers drive too fast in Augusta. I work at Augusta Tech, and they come in here to get their buses and they drive wide open. I've considered reporting this several times, but probably nothing would be done.

I can see interrupting all TV programing for national security, the president, accidents involving planes and trains, shootings, things that affect the everyday person. Tiger Woods is just a man, although one of the greatest golfers ever, He is still just a man who made a lot of mistakes. He only owes an apology to his wife and to his children when they are old enough to understand. He doesn't need to take up air time on TV.

Officials will investigate schools for cheating on CRCT tests - by teachers! When school teachers and administrators can't be trusted, who can we trust?

What irony on Page One of The Chronicle. First, there is the possibility Dr. Bedden is leaving our school system for a job in Texas. One wonders why he is considering leaving us. Then right below that article is part of the likely answer: 16-year-old pregnant student is shot and killed in a gang-related incident, the second such killing in recent weeks. Perhaps Dr. Bedden is more interested in working where parents are fulfilling their responsibilities to raise their children with respect for the law.

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