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I bet if Bubba Swan, magistrate judge, had one of his family members beaten unmercifully just because he had on a blue shirt he would admit that there are indeed gangs in McDuffie County. Get real, the sorry guy admitted in the bond hearing that he beat that young man just because he had on a blue shirt.


Rant to the Chronicle: Cow gives record milk and Tiger Woods apologizes. Obviously a slow news day.

HUGE Rant to The Chronicle. Do we really need a whole front page of Tiger Woods? The front page should be reserved for real news that people actually care about. Enough of Tiger Woods already!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to address Emory grads. Why? Will his speech include instructions on what not to do based on his lousy stewardship of California's government?

Only in Augusta would we tear down a big nice building because the roof leaks and mold is present. What if mold is in all buildings? Have they ever heard of roof repair and bleach for the mold? If all buildings were razed because of this, there would be no buildings over 20 years old.

I have no particular opinions about a gay pride parade in Augusta, other than the fact that such a parade is legal. As a heterosexual family man, however, I must agree with the gay female ranter about the Feb. 16 letters to the editor, both of which were gratuitously offensive in content and wording.

As a member of the Republican Party, I see no problem with the Augusta Pride Parade. I don't agree with them, but I will fight to the death for their right to say it. If you want to complain, organize a sanctity of marriage parade.

Never will we set foot on Broad Street again if gays are allowed to parade. Flaunting impropriety is unacceptable.

This is a Rant for parents who take their children to events and leave them alone so they can act like animals. I was at the Battle of Aiken and someone let eight children ages 7 to 8 sit alone. They were the worst-behaved children I have ever come across. They were disrespectful to the re-enactors and the people around them. The Battle of Aiken is a family event. If you go as a family, you should stay together for the entire event.

Those Civil War guys sure ate well. Those are some big boys. The CSA must have gone bankrupt trying to feed them.

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