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Why on earth are we still discussing any kind of apology for slavery? All the victims and the slave-mongers are long dead and gone. Expressing regrets is one thing, and education about slavery is one thing. But talk about apologies and reparations is pointless.

Sunday afternoon on Washington Road, a red car, a black truck. Did you think you were on a racetrack, weaving in and out of traffic. Your driving scared me. Please think twice before you drive that way again.

You people are unbelievable. If I wanted wall-to-wall golf with Tiger Woods, I'd buy Sports Illustrated. You're impossible.

I voted for and campaigned for Deke Copenhaver. I do not understand why he wants to move the stadium from Lake Olmstead to downtown Augusta. That's a waste of money. We need much more done with the schools, and we need to update Lake Olmstead. That's a nice family-oriented place and we need to keep it.

The HOPE scholarships are draining the lottery funds. Every year of college should be backed up by a low-interest loan in the person's name. If the student passes that year, HOPE pays that loan off. Too many are going a year, failing, then dropping out. If that happens they owe for that loan.

Heart disease and cancer are not the leading causes of death in women. Abortion is. One and a half million babies are aborted every year, and one-half of those babies are girls who will not get the chance to grow up into womanhood.

Someone needs to look into the pay for your public service employees (EMS/fire/police). People at McDonald's get paid better then the people who are going to come and save your property or life.

A rave for the Wall Walk event at the Augusta waterworks. We enjoyed the scavenger hunt and talking with Utilities Department employees, artists and Cindy O'Brien of The Art Factory. The wall provides art, history and science lessons all in one.

The White House Economic Council says unemployment will remain around 10 percent and it may take seven years to get the number back to around 5 or 6 percent. What jobs do they think will come back? Many high-paying manufacturing jobs will never return to the U.S., and we'll never return to the glory days of high employment and the resultant prosperity. Of course this same White House said 90,000 in the U.S. would die of H1N1. Hopefully they are wrong again.

Thanks to the Morris Museum of Art for showcasing the bluegrass concerts at the Imperial Theatre.

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