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Your guest columnist suggests a switch from the Democratic Party. He makes lots of good points, but why not an even better one: Switch out of both parties. Switch to nonprofessional politicians who will hold office one term, then return home to their regular jobs.

The Richmond County school board wants to "use staff and other resources (meaning tax money) to intervene ... (with) students who have attendance problems." Why can't politically correct people think? The board should notify parents after one unexcused absence. That's it. Make the parents responsible. Anything less is absurd.

I see the Georgia legis­la­ture has voted itself another two-week vacation on the bad news that money wasn't as much as expected. If everyone did this, there would be no one working. Why don't they vote to give that two-week salary back?

To the lady who got behind me on Skinner Mill Road and blew her horn all the way down the road for doing the speed limit: Not the first time this happened.

I wanted to say thank you to the two city workers that came all the way out to the county line to pick up three mattresses that some lazy individual decided to dump in my yard in the middle of the night.

This is a Rant for the Rich­mond County Board of Edu­ca­tion. $25 for our students to park in the school student parking lot? Come on! Our students have to be there just like the teachers. I pay more than enough to the school for lunches, student fees, etc. Give these kids a break. Heck, give us parents a break because ultimately that is where the money is coming from.

You showed a measure of class in your public apology, Tiger. Now how about returning to golf and show us more class on the golf course, and start acting like a responsible adult.

Those women are just as much to blame as Tiger Woods. They knew he had a wife. Why would they put themselves on him? They should be punished severely because they knew he was married.

This is a rant for Tiger Woods. Golf was around a long time before Tiger, and it will be around long after Tiger's gone. He's just another overpaid athlete that got caught with his pants down. Who cares?

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