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Monday Night Rasslin' at the Bell sounds like a blast, but I say let's give the matches some local flavor. How about a cage match duel between Woody Merry and Bill "Brass Knuckles" Fennoy and Butch Palmer vs. the "riffraff"?

To the person who is bothered by the Bush/Cheney and McCain/Palin bumper stickers: I keep mine on to show people that I made the right choice. I will keep them on my vehicle until Super Dummy is out of office.

I am one of those people who still have stickers on my vehicles supporting Bush/Cheney and McCain/Palin. The last thing I want is for anyone to think that I in any way contributed to the mess in this country brought on by President Obama's leadership. I have been around 91 years, remember the Great Depression. It was not this terrible. People respected each other and felt like the leaders in government told the truth.

A Rant to Columbia County for purchasing buses from one particular company because the mechanics only know how to fix them as a rationale for spending millions of dollars. Why not buy a good bus, at reasonable cost, and then retrain the mechanics to fix it? Another embarrassing "Mayberry" situation. Looks like Goober is running the school bus garage.

A huge rant for the Richmond County deputy who cut me off on Wrightsboro Road. He pulled out in front of me, causing me to hit my brakes. Then he pulled into the left lane and cut that guy off, too. When the light went from red to green, he gunned it (using about $5 in taxpayer gas) to get to the next red light. And then gunned it again to get to the next light. I know those fast cars are fun, guys, but please, use some discipline when using taxpayer gas.

A great big rave to all who submitted photos of our snowstorm last weekend. It is such a pleasure to see so many happy kids, as well as adults, out there enjoying such a rare event for this area. A special rave for those who submitted the pictures of nature in its undeniable beauty. The extraordinary bird photos were an extra treat, worthy of framing. As messy as it may be afterwards, it is certainly worth every minute of it while it is happening.

This is a rave for the sign on Interstate 20 that points people toward the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame and Gardens at the Washington Road exit. Where is the sign for Regency Mall? How about the Augusta Speedway?

City Administrator Fred Russell says he's "been a little busy," implying that he is too busy to handle a mere $498,000 as important. Sounds like while seated politicians need to be voted out at each election, so do administrators.

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