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We had an increase in GDP and profits last quarter. I guess the bailouts worked. Or could it be that this is mostly due to reduced employee costs and worker benefits? What do you unemployed think?

Will the politicians in Columbia County follow Richmond County by not asking the voters for a sales tax increase at a time when everyone is in a crunch? I would not hesitate to do my shopping where I could save a penny on every dollar I spent and would advise all I came into contact with to do the same.

This rant is for the school board. We don't need to give Dana Bedden a raise to keep him here. Let him go to Texas and make more money. We need to promote somebody from within our school system to be superintendent, like we used to do . I know we have people that are qualified.

If we can have Black History Month in February, then we should have American Indian Month in April or May because that's when they celebrated life and the planting of the crops. This was their country, and we came and took everything from them. Now, more than 200 years later, they still are not any better off than they were when we put them on the reservation.

There I was, 10 a.m., sitting on Walton Way, waiting for a long train to go by. It gave me plenty of time to think about Deke and his ridiculous idea for another stadium when the stadium we have now is just fine. Don't you think that we could put that money to use building bridges over the railroad tracks on a busy road like Walton Way so that people who have to go to work won't be late? I think that would be a much better idea, Deke.

Hillary Clinton says Iran is becoming a dictatorship. Iran has been a dictatorship historically. Just holding a vote doesn't make a country democratic or a republic. Stalin used to hold elections. Hillary and Obama combined are like putting the Marx Brothers in charge. Of course, once off stage, the Marx Brothers went back to being their normal, intelligent selves.

This is a rant to the police who frequently drive 50-plus mph on a two-way Hereford Farm Road while phone texting or reading their computers. One of you almost swerved into my lane and it could've been a disaster. But if the roles were reversed, I would've been in handcuffs.

People are pulled over by police because they just left a drughouse. Do you see a problem here? Why not bust the drughouse? Problem solved.

A rant to all those pulpwood trucks going to International Paper. Why don't you use start using Interstate 520 instead of going through Belvedere and North Augusta? It has almost no traffic and was built so you could avoid city traffic.

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