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I've been reading the Rants & Raves, and I keep seeing all these things about the sheriff's office falling in on the employees and on the sheriff's head. It needs to be torn down and built again in the same spot. I have heard not one complain about the inmates being in there under all that mold. I don't understand why it's always about the employees and the sheriff but never the inmates.

This is a reply to the item in the Rants & Raves Sunday about the difference in traffic speed between North Augusta and Augusta. I am familiar with many small towns where doing 26 in a 25 mph zone can get you a ticket. Know why? Local police have nothing else to do.

This is a thanks to Rob Pavey for the article about Lake Olmstead and the history.

This rave is for the newspaper carriers. I got up Saturday morning; there was snow on the ground; and so was my newspaper. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This rant is for all those people wondering where all the jobs are. You can start by looking in your driveway. Then take a look at the labels in your clothing and check to see where 90 percent of the things you own were made. If you don't know by now, then you probably won't get it.

When I see a McCain/Palin sticker on the back of a vehicle, I think a pair of losers driven by a loser.

Democrats in Congress are bailing out left and right. Now, that's change we can count on! We can only hope others will follow.

If MTU Detroit Diesel is a legit private business, why can't it find its own investors rather than conning Aiken County government into taxing citizens and calling it an investment? It's not the taxpayers' job to finance private industry. That's the same thing Obama has forced on us by getting into GM. The solution is to cut the size of all governments back down to size.

This is a rave for all of the crews out in the cold and snow. You all did a great job restoring power, cutting trees, cleaning up wrecks. Thanks.

Where on earth do you find people who still can't spot a "global warming" hoax when it slaps them in the face? They insist on believing the asinine argument that colder weather means "warming." How sad for such folks; and how sad for those of us who are saddled with them.

I notice that the only time this paper and Rush Limbaugh mention global warming is in the dead of winter. How convenient. Also why is it I only hear about term limits when the GOP loses?

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