Features invite debate on new 'Chronicle' site

The new Augusta Chronicle Web site is up and running. There are new services and features, and navigating the site should be easier than ever.


We're still fine-tuning the site, working to make it more interactive and immediate.

Reporters and photographers can post directly to the site from laptops, which gives you information on important issues as it happens and allows us to cover more ground.

We're also offering a more engaging conversation on the stories of the day, with our new comment-moderation process. We are taking a more straightforward approach, which makes the overall site experience more inviting. Closer moderation sets a different tone.

There is healthy and robust debate, but without the insults that drove some potential posters away. You might not like every opinion, but as long as they are expressed in a respectful manner, they enhance the story and get your views into the public arena.

Commenting on a story or editorial is easy. Here's how:

- Create a profile. Follow the link at the top of our home page -- www.chronicle.augusta.com -- for simple instructions. Add to your online persona, or "avatar," as you wish.

- Go to "post new comment" beneath any story and have your say.

Avatars are a new feature. You can upload photos, and follow members of the staff and other readers. Eventually you will be able to start a blog from your avatar page. If you want to start a blog for now, though, send me an e-mail and we can set one up for you.

You can have as much or as little personal information available for public viewing as you desire, in addition to your most recent comments and links to your blog. You can also change your information whenever you want.

You can use a favorite image for your avatar photo, but using copyrighted images without permission of the copyright holder is prohibited.

This was not heavily enforced when we turned over the site, but it is an issue we now have to address. If we believe an image is copyrighted, we will send out a warning, asking you to show proof of copyright or change the image. We will check back, and if the image has not been removed we will delete it. We've sent out a couple of warnings already.

Looking for art? A Web search for "public domain photos" will bring up many free photo sites.

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me. Click on the Help link at the top right of our home page or on my avatar photo, and you will see my contact information. We want to make this a site you will want to return often. Let me know what you think.

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